Laser Cutting & Metal Bending Services

Advantages of Laser Cutting Technology

  • High accuracy
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • High processing speed
  • Small width of cut
  • Very small heat affected zone compared to other thermal cutting methods
  • Very little heat application and therefore minimal shrinkage of the cut material
  • It is possible to cut complex geometric shapes, small holes, and chamfered parts
  • Cutting and engraving with the same tool
  • Cutting many types of materials

Technical Specifications of cutting

  • Maximum cutting dimension: 3000X1500 mm
  • Maximum steel thickness: 30 mm
  • Maximum thickness of special steel CK45, Hardox: 30 mm
  • Maximum galvanized thickness: 6 mm
  • Maximum thickness of stainless steel: 8 mm
  • Maximum aluminum thickness: 15 mm
  • Maximum thickness of copper & brass: 6 mm
  • Etching (surface) for marking

Materials that can be processed with a laser cutting machine

  • Iron, steel, refractory
  • DCP sheet, galvanized, perforated, barley
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass, copper
  • Aluminum

Design Services

Netelco S.A through its expertly trained staff provides you with design Services. It enables your idea to be realized in 2D or 3D form.

Send us your design-idea in one of the following formats and see your imagination come true.

  • dxf, dwg, vector file,

  • File step, stl, Solidworks,

  • Photo

  • Contact us by email or phone to design your needs together

Bending Machine

Netelco S.A has a Bending Machi.The features of this modern machine allow the formation of complex parts with ease and precision, depending on the speed it has.

The result of the above is the combination of the best price with an extremely high quality final product. The special software of this machine calculates the presses in advance and guarantees the manufacture of the correct part from the first piece.


  • Maximum cutting dimension: 3000mm
  • Maximum forming thickness: 8mm

Panel Designs for Metal and Architectural Applications

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