Who we are

Passion for automation since
the 80s.

The beginning of the experience began with Mr. Papadopoulos, he was active as a technical director in industrial units of Xanthi from the beginning of 1985.

Eavesdropping to the daily challenges faced by the production lines of every industry, the construction of the first production lines began. To date we count over 200 construction projects in more than 20 different industrial sectors of various objects. Indicatively, projects that were intended for industries have been implemented:


Industrial Batteries

Grinding plants

Mattress Industry


What we offer

Netelco welcomes the 4th
Industrial Revolution

A key feature of our team is machine building from scratch. After on-site recording of the production process as well as the requirements of the machine to be manufactured (production times, production pieces per minute, wastage rates, etc KPI.) the design begins and the construction follows. The tests are then carried out by running the machine in full operation under normal production conditions. Once its correct operation is certified, it is installed and trained at the customer's premises.

Since January 2023, Netelco ABEE is an official distributor of Kassow Robots S.A. in the Greek territory. The need for automation and the rapid growth and penetration of technology in the industrial sector has driven the need to enter into this partnership.

The Danish pioneering company's robotic arms moving in 7 axes strategically differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors in the global Cobots market. Netelco ABEE welcomes the 4th Industrial Revolution and expects to play a decisive factor in its implementation in our country.
Passion for automation & modernization
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