Machinery Manufacturing

Roller Conveyor System

Complex of heavy-duty object transport conveyors. Construction possibilities are given with:
  • Free /crazy rolls
  • Motor driven rollers
  • Moving rollers and integrated weighing system
  • Branched conveyors with a lifting system from air bottles, with a capacity of 2.5 t/m to transport products from the main conveyor to a branch conveyor and vice versa

Aluminum Profile Cutting, Drilling and Milling Machine

The machine has a 40x12 mm profile inlet. It moves with a lift system with automatic stop and braking. It has a carriage that will transport the aluminum profiles to the cutting point. The cutting system works with cutting discs with trapezoidal toothing in a thickness of 2, 3 or 4 mm depending on the profiles being processed. In addition, drilling is done simultaneously from both sides (left-right) and a vertical milling cutter of 6 mm.
After finishing the processing, it returns the workpiece to the start position, releases and receives the next one to be processed.


  • Two drilling motors 1.5 kW each, with collets, operating at 12,000 rpm, controlled by inverter
  • 1.5 kW 12,000 rpm milling motor, inverter controlled
  • ½ hp profile feed motor
  • Electrical panel with Siemens PLC
  • Production Capacity: 10-12 pcs./min

Carrier and Plate Washer

The specific assembly receives the plates from the washing machine for dipping them in acid.
The movement is carried out by a 2” stainless steel chain of special construction with a system of ears to hold the moulds. The plate transport chain has the ability to move back and forth and is driven by two synchronized reducers.
At the exit of the washing machine the plates slide and stack. Plate holders are stainless steel and coated with polypropylene sheet to protect against corrosion.
All the moving parts of the washing machine are stainless steel. It is also possible to detach the entire assembly from within the bin to be repaired and refitted.
The tank is stainless steel with 2 control ports for washing and cleaning.
The washing machine is controlled by a PLC unit and has the possibility of pausing to check the plate at the exit.

Welding Machine


Coverage area: 3.05m * 3.00m

The welding assembly has:

  • Table with spherical roller bearings
  • Magnetic and pneumatic product retention and alignment system
  • Reversal system for heavy products
  • Self-cleaning system of the welding tweezers
  • Anti-spatter automatic spray system of the flame arrestor
The machine is designed for various sizes of products to be welded.
The welding tweezer has the ability to control the reference point with a laser.
The PLC electronic system is SIEMENS and has a touch screen with the ability to change all the machine's operating times as well as fault control.

Laser Steel Feeding System


The loading and unloading complex consists of the following sub-parts:

  • Spray chamber feeding system
  • Spray booth aisle (20tn load capacity)
  • Laser machine feed system
The system's rollers are heavy-duty.
It has panels with PLC (SIEMENS) for the automatic movement of all parts of the complex.
The machine's cycle time is 60 seconds until it completes its entire movement process.
The mechanical movement part of the system consists of Straight sliding guides.

Metal Edge Grinding Machine

It can be used for different dimensions of metal objects as it has automatic size measurement sensors.
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